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Billy Giordano . 2 minute read

Hiring for Success in 2023: 10 Strategies to Consider

As the job market continues to evolve, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring for your company. Here are 10 ways to help you prepare for the best possible hiring outcomes in 2023:

  1. Adapt to Shifting Candidate Priorities: Candidates’ priorities are constantly changing, and it’s essential to keep up with these shifts. Update your hiring practices, compensation, and perks to give candidates what they want, like fair compensation, flexibility, and work-life balance. With inflation increasing living costs, compensation has become even more critical.
  2. Re-Engage with Former Employees: Consider reaching out to top performers who have left your company in the past and inviting them back. This powerful re-hiring strategy can be equivalent to adding the productivity of several B and C performers.
  3. Build a Talent Network: Build relationships with potential candidates by identifying high-potential individuals, engaging with them through social media or other digital platforms, and maintaining relationships with them. This will provide access to a larger pool of qualified candidates and create a more diverse hiring pipeline.
  4. Leverage Sponsored Employment: Make sure your job listing stands out by leveraging sponsored job postings. These premium postings are more prominent in relevant search results and will draw in more qualified applicants.
  5. Utilize New Hiring Technology: Use technology to assess candidates’ suitability for a position. This can include combining consistent marketing of high quality job postings with asking pointed pre qualifying questions in your application process to help place candidates in their ideal work cultures.
  6. Focus on Company Culture: Look for candidates who not only have the skills and experience, but also fits the company culture and will mesh with your current team. Building the recruitment process around company culture will ensure that company values are upheld in the workplace.
  7. Engage in Social Media Recruiting: Use social media to market your jobs and engage with potential candidates. You might even get to know their skills, personality, interests, and qualifications to ensure an overall company fit.
  8. Automate Screening: Adopt hiring tools to prequalify and screen new candidates hands-free. This reduces biases and helps find a better fit for every role, while also reducing time spent in hiring and your overall recruitment costs.
  9. Develop a Strong Employer Brand: Developing a strong employer brand will showcase your company’s ability to not only provide training but also build relationships and contribute to a positive team dynamic.
  10. Craft Unique and Optimized Job Listings: Writing an optimized job listing that touches on relevant keywords can help reach a broader audience and attract the ideal candidate. Crafting a unique and attractive job listing can also improve your overall business brand.

By following these strategies, you’ll be sure to have set your company up for successful hiring, and building the team you deserve in 2023. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can StaffedUp benefit my company?

    StaffedUp will streamline and simplify your entire recruitment process, making it massively more efficient and effective. We’ll eliminate manual processes, reduce time-to-hire, and provide better candidate experiences. Additionally, we’ll provide valuable insights to help your company make more informed hiring decisions.

  • Can I customize the StaffedUp ATS to fit my company's specific recruitment needs?

    Yes, our system offers complete customization options to fit the unique needs of your company. This includes the ability to create custom company recruitment pages, company culture, jobs, application questions in the recruitment process, and customized automated or one click messaging to expedite engagement.

  • How does StaffedUp improve my candidate experience?

    StaffedUp provides an extremely streamlined and user-friendly interface for candidates to apply for jobs and track their progress throughout the recruitment process. It also automates time-consuming tasks such as resume screening and interview scheduling, allowing candidates to spend more time preparing for their interviews and less time filling out paperwork.

  • Is it difficult to implement StaffedUp in my company?

    Implementing StaffedUp takes minutes, and the self onboarding tools make getting started a breeze. We provide pre drafted job descriptions, application questions, and even application responses so you’re up and running right away. We also offer tutorials and one on one onboarding should you need it, and will create hiring marketing for you.

  • What is the WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)?

    WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is a federal tax credit available to business employers, both large and small. The credits are designed to offset Federal income tax liabilities. When the WOTC program is executed the right way, employers can capture enough tax credits to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, their Federal income tax liabilities. (And if your business was formed using a flow-through-entity, like a S-corp or LLC, then the credits could flow-through to the owner’s K-1).

  • How can WOTC impact my business?

    Executing the WOTC program is simple and easy with the right provider. We’ll screen your applicants to determine if they satisfy one of nine qualifying criteria. If so, our team of tax credit experts work with specific government agencies, behind the scenes, to capture the tax credits for you. Once captured, tax credits can be used to eliminate Federal income tax liabilities and thus improve cash flow for stakeholders and the business.