Start Hiring More Effectively!

Effortless Applicant Tracking, Built with You in Mind


StaffedUp is simply the best way to recruit, manage, and hire the most qualified staff for your business. Eliminate traditional paper applications and resumes, or even upgrade your current online application process. We built tools with you in mind, so you can leverage your brand and promote job openings all while managing top talent through a customizable and efficient hiring database.

Post Jobs

  • Hire full time, part-time, hourly, salaried, and even for individual events
  • Post and manage job openings through your homepage and easily add them to your website and social media, allowing candidates to apply with ease from any platform
  • Offboard an employee and immediately post that open position to your network
  • Use our pre-drafted job descriptions, or create unique job descriptions that fit your needs and highlight hourly wages and levels of employment

Create your Business Profile

  • Sign up quickly and easily with our step-by-step, google-assisted profile creator
  • Upload and store logos and images, profile information, and display your restaurant's personality consistent with your brand
  • Easily add and remove administrators and access levels and assign position responsibilities accordingly
  • Edit personal, contact, and employment preferences to fit your needs

Manage Candidates

  • Have access to great candidate profiles displaying organized resumes with job histories and skills, and most importantly quality references
  • Easily review and manage all candidates from an organized dashboard
  • Qualify and respond to candidates efficiently with pre-drafted responses
  • Easily sort, rank, and save great candidates for future opportunities
  • Communicate, schedule interviews, and onboard all in one place

Use the Power of Referrals

  • Make it easy for your great staff to refer your next great hire
  • View and connect easily with candidates' references through their profile

Message and Network with Talent

  • Full accountability with message logs between yourself and candidates
  • Mass connect with pre-qualified candidates to schedule interviews and pick from the best talent in your pool
  • Directly announce new job openings to your followers and applicants

Manage your team and your network

  • Import your employees' contact information and easily add them to your team
  • Connect and network with your team by individual, position, or as a group through email and text message
  • Use your team to encourage referrals, build your StaffedUp network, and gain followers and a great candidate pool
  • View full employee HR reports and manage payroll information all in one place